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Auction ArchivesScreen-used items are out there, and more of them head to auction from time-to-time. Detailed descriptions and great photos accompany every listing. Fun to read, and if you got the cash – you could own it. Going once… going twice… SOLD!
47 177
Books, Magazines & other MediaBattlestar in all forms of print including photos of audio/visual media. Annuals, comic books, magazines, books, CD inserts, LP dust jackets, DVD boxes, etc. etc. There is even a BSG BILL BOARD!
17 719
Cast & Crew Photos, Promo Images & LogosCast and promo photos from back-in-the-day. Great images of a great cast.
Also crew photos, logos from the show, various fan art, advertising and MORE!
21 461
CharactersWho's who in the Battlestar Universe - the good, the bad and the ugly!
Colonial, Cylon and Others that don't clearly fit into either - they are all here.
387 9,618
CollectionsCollections so epic related to 1978 Battlestar the Centurions of feel they are most worthy of special mention.

Please click here to view the official auction catalog.
2 10
Concept ArtHow did Battlestar Galactica get its iconic look? WITH AWESOME CONCEPT ART! Here they are, the spring board images that launched look and feel for the remains of humanity to go into the stars fleeing from the Cylon tyranny, in search of a shining planet, known as Earth.
4 97
Cross Over ItemsBattlestar Galactica has influenced so many shows and works since it hit the airwaves in 1978. Check out some tongue-in-cheek items and fun random cameos.
16 93
eBay ArchivesA collection of site screenshots of rare and unusual BSG items auctioned on eBay.
10 253
LocationsWhere and what were some of the locations in BSG? Most were done in the studio, but a few are real places. See where and when with images through the years of how the locations change.
5 77
MerchandiseFrom childhood cries of “MOM! DAD! BUY ME BSG TOYS....... WHAAA” to today’s collectibles - If something was emblazoned with an image from Battlestar Galactica then it is probably in here. Lunchboxes, towels, toys, figures, collectibles, radios, crafts, jewelry, glassware – and yes, even Battlestar Galactica underwear.
223 4,144
Miscellaneous ItemsOdds and Ends that don't fit in the above albums.
3 27
Printed MediaIn this section you'll find scans of various magazine articles, books, comic books, etc. that deals with all things Classic BSG.
287 3,908
Props ~ UNDER CONSTRUCTION ~Any prop from the show (EXCEPT WEAPONS - they can be found in their own album). Patches for costumes, glasses, cubits, computers on the bridge of the Galactica, miscellaneous helmets, costume items and MORE!
103 589
VehiclesAfter the destruction of the Twelve Colonies, Commander Adama orders all survivors to find what operational ships that remain on their shattered worlds and fly them towards the Battlestar Galactica, the sole surviving Battlestar. With nowhere else to call home, Adama decrees that the remnants of humanity will search for the Thirteenth Tribe on a planet called Earth. Under the guardianship of Galactica and its support craft and fighters, the Fleet is comprised of 220 civilian ships.

The Cylon spacecraft are in close pursuit of the fleet... Basestars: Capital ships of the Cylon military force, equal to the Colonial battlestar. Raiders: The primary fighter of the Cylon forces, manned by two pilots and a ship commander. And Cylon Freighters: Ships used throughout the Cylon Empire to provide fuel and move equipment.
188 3,735
Video & Sound FilesVideo and sound files (and a few still images from fan films, etc.).
4 158
WeaponsZAP -- BOOM -- BANG!

If it is handheld and has something to do with shooting or exploding it is in here.
Colonial, Cylon and other weapons.

PLEASE NOTE: You will NOT find the Cylon Pistol here, it is in the G1980 Gallery. The Cylon Pistol is a Galactica 1980 weapon; it was not featured in Battlestar Galactica (1978).
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