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Auction ArchivesScreen-used items and Automan Collectibles are out there, and more of them head to auction from time-to-time. Detailed descriptions and great photos accompany every listing. Fun to read, and if you got the cash – you could own it. Going once… going twice… SOLD!
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Cast & Crew Photos, Promo Images & LogosCast and promo photos from back-in-the-day. Great images of a great cast.
Also crew photos, logos from the show, various fan art, advertising and MORE!
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MerchandiseIf something was emblazoned with an image from Automan then it will eventually be in here. For such a short lived series it still had some great tie in products.
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Printed MediaIn this section you'll find scans of various magazine articles, books, comic books, etc. that deals with all things Automan.

Many thanks to the now gone for allowing to repost many of the wonderful clippings here - ensuring that Automan stays online.
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VehiclesWhenever Walter and Automan need to travel, Cursor draws and generates physical objects as needed. The most common forms are a car (the Autocar), an airplane (the Autoplane), and a helicopter (the Autocopter).

All of Automan's modes of transportation are of his unique style - and defy the laws of physics... much to Walter's dismay.
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Video & Sound FilesGrowing collection of YouTube links and sound files for Automan that no fan should miss - ENJOY!
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