All things classic Cylon and beyond.

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Production ItemsBehind the scenes items of what it took to make G1980.
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CharactersWho's who in the G1980 Universe - the good, the bad and the ugly!
Colonial, Cylon and Others that don’t clearly fit into either - they are all here.
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PropsAny prop from the show (EXCEPT WEAPONS - they can be found in their own album).
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WeaponsZAP -- BOOM -- BANG!

If it is handheld and has something to do with shooting or exploding it is in here.
Colonial, Cylon and other weapons.

PLEASE NOTE: You will ONLY find the Cylon Pistol here. The Cylon Pistol is a Galactica 1980 weapon; it was not featured in Battlestar Galactica (1978).
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Books, Magazines & other Media
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Printed MediaArticles, Magazines, Books, Posters, etc. that deals with all things G1980.

We have just a few items in this gallery, working on more. Let us know if you have any to contribute.
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Video FilesVideos of all things G1980.
PLEASE NOTE: Some of these file are massive. It will take time to load them up - they are all complete and function. The file size is noted on each file... please take note of it when you click to view an item.
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Episode Screen CapturesOur own screen capture collection from each episode of BSG's first spin-off.
LONG LIVE G1980 ;-)
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Cast Photos, Promo Images and Logos
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eBay Archives
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