Episodes 01 / 02 - "Time of the Hawk, Parts 1 & 2"


Buck Rogers, Wilma Deering and Twiki embark on a journey through the universe as members of the spaceship Searcher, which is on a mission to find the lost tribes of Earth who fled the planet in the wake of a devastating nuclear holocaust. Meanwhile, proud and vengeful half-man, half-bird being Hawk declares war on mankind after his people are slaughtered by humans. It's up to Buck to find and capture Hawk.

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Episodes 03 / 04 - "Journey to Oasis, Parts 1 & 2"


Earth and the rival planet Zykaria are on the cusp of war. Zykarian Ambassador Duvoe travels by a shuttle piloted by Buck Rogers to a peace conference in the city of Oasis on the otherwise desolate planet of R-4. Things go awry when the shuttle gets hit by a sudden radiation storm and Buck is forced to land on the harsh desert surface of R-4 that's populated by a savage tribe of primitive mutants.

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Episode 05 - "The Guardians"


Life aboard the Searcher is turned upside down when Buck brings aboard a mysterious jade box entrusted to him by a dying man he encounters on an unexplored planet. The seemingly cursed box takes over the ship and torments the lives of the crew by filling their minds with terrible visions. Conflicts arise when members of the crew try to destroy the box, but Buck stops them believing it is leading them to its new keeper – a being only known as "The Guardian" - and he must fulfill his promise to the dying man.

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Episode 06 - "Mark of the Saurian"


The Saurians plot to destroy the Searcher and start a galactic war by infiltrating the starship and a space station in human disguise. Only Buck, who has contracted a strange virus, is able to see the true form of the Saurians, but no one believes him. When the Saurians realize that Buck is a threat to them, he becomes the target of their assassination attempts.

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Episode 07 - "The Golden Man"


After finding a lifepod containing a golden-skinned boy, the Searcher drifts into an asteroid field and becomes stuck against one of the rocks. The only way to free the ship may reside in the strange molecular-altering powers of the boy's companion, the "Golden Man", who is being held captive on a nearby planet inhabited by a penal colony. Once the criminals learn of the alien's powers, they force him to repair a makeshift spacecraft so they can escape. Buck and the golden boy must rescue the golden man from his captors before the Searcher is destroyed.

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Episode 08 - "The Crystals"


While exploring a planet for power crystals, Buck, Hawk and Wilma find the remains of a mummy, but unbeknown to them, the body comes to life and steals their crystals. While searching for the creature, Buck encounters a young girl with no memory of who she is or where she came from. After running a medical scan, Wilma learns that the girl has a genetic connection to the creature which begins stalking her. Fearful she will become a monster herself, Buck must help the girl find her true identity before the creature strikes again.

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Episode 09 - "The Satyr"


While exploring the planet Arcadis for a lost human colony, Buck finds a boy and his mother, the last remaining colonists, and soon learns the family is being tormented by a satyr-like being. When Buck confronts the creature, he is bitten and soon begins transforming into a Satyr himself. After learning a strange affliction had turned all the men of the colony into the creatures, Buck tries to fight the transformation and helps the family escape the planet.

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Episode 10 - "Shgoratchx!"


The Searcher finds a derelict Zeerdonian bomb disposal ship crewed by seven mischievous little men. Buck offers to help them finish their disposal mission, but the curious dwarves begin to wreak havoc aboard the Searcher and severely damage Crichton's positronic brain. With the ship out of control and heading toward a star, Twiki offers his own electronic brain to repair Crichton so he can initiate repairs to the ship. Once the dwarves realize the trouble they have caused, they offer to repair Crichton's brain with their telekinetic mental powers.

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Episode 11 - "The Hand of the Goral"


Buck, Hawk and Wilma travel to an unusual world known as "The Planet of Death" and encounter many strange happenings. They first find a wrecked space ship with its pilot, whom Wilma returns to the Searcher. While she is gone, Buck and Hawk explore an abandoned village where they both momentarily disappear. As if this isn't enough, they return to the mother ship only to find the personalities of the crew have drastically changed.

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Episode 12 - "Testimony of a Traitor"


The crew of the Searcher returns to Earth. Buck is put on trial for helping a group that may have had a hand in the nuclear war that devastated Earth in the 20th Century.

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Episode 13 - "The Dorian Secret"


Buck and Hawk transport refugees of a planetary disaster to a new home. Buck allows a fugitive woman named Asteria Eleefa to board the Searcher. Eleefa is a member of a harsh mutant race called the Dorians, who hide their faces behind decorated masks. Ruthless Dorian leader Koldar claims that Eleefa is a murderess and hence demands that Eleefa be handed over to him. When Buck refuses to oblige Koldar's demand, Koldar decides to turn up the temperature on the Searcher.

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