Ardala's complex history

Frozen in a freak mishap, astronaut Captain William "Buck" Rogers is returned to Earth ... 500 YEARS LATER!
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Ardala's complex history

Post by Hope It Is The Grog » Sun Jan 05, 2014 9:28 pm

Until quite recently I thought Princess Ardala was simply a clone of Flash Gordon's Princess Aura, with the Draconian Empire more or less lifted from Doctor Who to give her a context. And to a great extent that still seems to hold true.

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But just today I found out that the Buck Rogers comic strip, as early as 1930, had a villainess called Ardala Valmar, a fellow Earth renegade who partnered in crime with Killer Kane. She also appeared in the radio series. So clearly our Princess was a sort of composite of this character and Aura.

This is no doubt very old news to True Students of Buck, but since I am not a TSB, I thought it might be of interest to other dilettantes like me. ;)


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