1980? What about 69 and time?

The Galactica finds Earth ... and Dr. Zee (oh dear).
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1980? What about 69 and time?

Post by johnnybear » Wed Jun 28, 2017 3:03 pm

I venture that the Galactica and the fleet must have either gone faster than the speed of light to escape from their pursuers to arrive at the earth in the opening episode of Galactica 80 after receiving the Apollo signal in Hand of god or they went back in time and had a longer trip than was necessary! Troy's age would be thirty I guess and as Boxey maybe seven or eight or even younger, so that means the whole voyage may have taken twenty to twenty five earth years but if Hand of God was at the end of the first or second year in space, and the signal only recently sent then ten or eleven years was a greater difference to the crew of The Galactica than it would be to the peoples of the earth! :frack:

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