Time for some B&C show and tell

SyFy's thrid try at the BSG universe.
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Time for some B&C show and tell

Post by Count Iblis » Fri Dec 11, 2015 2:03 pm

The reception from BSG fans about Blood and Chrome seemed very lukewarm, and I really don't understand why.

When taken on its own, I think it is pretty good. When you view this as just one episode in a series of (should have happened)episodes, it becomes even better. I mean, how many series have weak episodes, but the overall series was good? From this vantage point, I found B&C to be a good show.

This is my Captain Diaz uniform from Blood and Chrome. For those that have not seen it, he is the guy that assigns young Adama the Raptor to pilot.


This one came pretty complete with belt, tanks, and rank pins all screen used by the character.

Just showin' some love.

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Re: Time for some B&C show and tell

Post by GoldCylon » Sat Dec 12, 2015 8:40 am

I loved Blood and Chrome, I thought it was by far the perfect crossover between the 78 , and 03 shows to have both fans come together. The story was the first we were able to see what life was like during the war before the final attack of the Colonies. The setting near the last half of the event taking place on the ski resort planet reminded me a lot of "Gun on Ice Planet Zero" although the stories weren't even close. It was great to see Adama as a war hero in his younger days, and not just a Commander of a Battlestar.
I missed out on the auctions for the costumes, but glad to see one of the officer uniforms made into caring hands. So did you try it on? :cylongold:

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Re: Time for some B&C show and tell

Post by 137th Gebirg » Thu Dec 17, 2015 10:02 am

I thought it was a fantastic addition to the mythos as well. Even some of the TOS die-hards who hated NuBSG actually thought it was a pretty good installment to the franchise, and harkened back more to the spirit of TOS than they expected was possible from the RDM/Eick crew.

Don't know why it didn't get a greenlight to go forward into a full series, other than that maybe SyFy got the impression that people were getting BSG-fatigued and felt that Caprica closed it down for good. Maybe they thought an all-CG environment would ultimately prove to be too costly and they had already sold off all their practical set dressings and props from the main show. Not really sure. A shame either way - they really could have had something there and explored the deeper mysteries of the Cylons.
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