USS Saratoga

Space Above and Beyond a single session series that was on the FOX network in 95/96 based off Marines in space fighting the Chig's.

P.S. also visit a great site for info on SAAB.
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USS Saratoga

Post by Cylon-Knight » Fri Feb 12, 2010 3:11 pm

I wondered about the name "Saratoga" ... why it is always used for ships, etc. SO I found the below on Wikipedia... at the bottom is Space Above and Beyond's Saratoga :)

USS Saratoga
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

One of several United States Navy ships named after the Battle of Saratoga in the American Revolutionary War:

USS Saratoga (1780), a 18-gun sloop launched in 1780; lost at sea the following year

USS Saratoga (1814), a corvette built on Lake Champlain for service in the War of 1812

USS Saratoga (1842), a sloop-of-war; commissioned 1843; served until 1888

USS Saratoga (ACR-2), a later name for cruiser USS New York (ACR-2)

USS Saratoga (CV-3), the third aircraft carrier of the Navy; commissioned in 1927; active in World War II

USS Saratoga (CVB-60/CVA-60/CV-60), an aircraft carrier; commissioned 1952; decommissioned 1994

USAT Saratoga, a United States Army transport ship in World War I; formerly a Ward Line steamer in the New York-Havana trade; later became USS Mercy (AH-4)
In fiction:

USS Saratoga (NCC-31911), a fictional starship In the Star Trek universe; a type three Miranda-class starship in Starfleet,
Destroyed at Battle of Wolf 359. Later replaced by another type three Miranda Class, Registry: NCC-31911-A.

USS Saratoga (SCVN-2812), a fictional starship in the television series Space: Above and Beyond; home base for the 58th Marine Fighter Squadron ("Wildcards"), the main subject of the show.

"All Baseships are now in range to attack the Colonies."

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Re: USS Saratoga

Post by GoldCylon » Fri Feb 12, 2010 3:43 pm

Yes the Saratoga name has a history doesn't it. Not as prestigious as the Enterprise, but yet a name that can be said by most it is a name they have heard.

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Re: USS Saratoga

Post by Tinman » Fri Feb 12, 2010 6:54 pm


SARATOGA is one of the most recognized warship names from any navy right along with several others such as ENTERPRISE, LEXINGTON, ARK ROYAL, WARSPITE, BISMARK, YAMATO just to name the most recognizable.

While not having received as much press as ENTERPRISE - "SARA" got the biggest part of her news time before WW2 when she along with the LEXINGTON were pretty much the "only" carriers in the USN for the 20's & well into the 1930's. The "Sara" had a bad habit of attracting torpedoes which laid her up for repairs so that she missed a lot of the fighting in the pacific. She received 8 Battlestars for combat in WW2 still where Enterprise was the most decorated ship of WW2 with 20 Battlestars.

BTY....There was also a SARATOGA in the TOS & TMP Star Trek eras.
(TOS) USS SARATOGA NCC-1867 (Surya Class Frigate)
(TMP) USS SARATOGA NCC-1867 (Uprated to Miranda Class MOD I Frigate Standard in 2273)


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