How would you cast classic Galactica today?

Anything Classic Galactica that just doesn't fit into the other subjects.
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Re: How would you cast classic Galactica today?

Post by 137th Gebirg » Mon Oct 12, 2015 8:35 am

I can't believe I forgot about Iblis & Cass!

Cumberbach as Iblis...Cumberbach as Impy. That could work. I wasn't too terribly impressed with his Khan in STID, but that was a very different kind of character. He certainly has the voice for the Imperious Leader, no doubt. And he can certainly project the haughtiness and royal majesty that Iblis demands. Yeah, I do like that one.

I could see Amy as Cass, but I think I would be more partial to Natalie Zea, also of Justified fame. She played aside Olyphant's character as his ex-wife with some natural on-screen chemistry that might effectively transfer into BSG. And while I like Amy Poehler, I find that Natalie has slightly more sultry characteristics that she should be expected to have as a socialator. :grin:

As a side note, I initially thought of Idris Elba as Colonel Tigh, but then I decided I didn't want someone in that role that might conceivably have more gravitas on the bridge than Adama... :lol:

Heh...remember when there was the rumor that Roger Moore was being tapped to be Iblis in either NuBSG or a continuation (can't remember which one it was)? I guess it might have had some potential.

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Re: How would you cast classic Galactica today?

Post by Hope It Is The Grog » Mon Oct 12, 2015 9:14 am

Hmm... how about Timothy Dalton as Baltar? He did some good scenery-chewing in Doctor Who a few years back.


You know, I'd like to see how Richard Hatch would do in the role of Adama a few years from now if he let his hair go grey.

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