Just finished it!

The new direct to DVD release spin off show bases before the Cylon war. How the Cylons came about, and how the war started.
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Just finished it!

Post by Golddragon71 » Wed Jun 11, 2014 12:02 pm

Well I just finished a binge-watch on Caprica and while I loved the series the ending left me a bit off. Now granted, they never got around to doing the second season so some of my concerns could be simply due to the fact that they weren't able to go on.

Tamara Adama's Avatar disappears
we see her standing on the parapet with Zoe as they await the arrival of Zoe's parents in VR world but the minute Zoe's mom shoots Sam in VR world (shutting him out permanently), Tamara seems to also vanish.
a better ending to Tamara's side would be for Zoe to introduce her to Clarice during the confrontation in Clarice's VR Heaven and let Tamara have a measure of payback on Clarice. (maybe by letting Tamara kill clarice in VR world shutting her out of her own heaven permanently.)

The timing's wrong
The series is set "50 years before the fall" The problem with that is that by the time of the Attack in the initial BSG mini-series, "No one has seen or heard from the cylons in over Forty years" Now, according to the series bible for Battlestar Galactica Commander Adama was 16 when the Cylon War broke out. little Billy Adama would only be about five or six. In order for him to be born in time for him to participate in the war Caprica would have to be set 60 years before the fall as opposed to 50.

Clarice Willow gets off scot-free
This is probably the biggest gripe I have. Clarice by all appearances actually seems to thrive in the aftermath of Apotheosis. She becomes a high Priestess conducting Mono-theistic masses for Cylons.

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