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Welcome Centurion

Post by Cylon-Knight » Tue Sep 08, 2015 11:08 pm

Welcome Centurion,
You exist so that the Cylon Empire may grow. The goal of the Cylon Empire is to bring order and perfection to the Universe.

New users are now forwarded to this introductory post to give you a few highlights of who’s who and what’s what at ByYourCommand.net.

ByYourCommand.net (BYC) is the classic Cylon authority. This site is the first and best of its kind and we are proud to be celebrating a decade online. We are bigger and better than ever. Founded in 2005 by GoldCylon, administered by me, Cylon-Knight – and our Gallery is kept ship-shape by the amazing Red Eye.

You’ll find a wealth of knowledge with just a few clicks in our forums. Be sure to run searches! Many questions have been asked and answered many times over the years. Also, we have a few *Official* threads posted by member “The Cylon Empire” that will probably answer the most burning questions new builders have about Classic 1978 Cylon Centurion costumes.

Cylon Stores
Logged in members have access to our “Cylon Stores.” Here you will find a small group of vendors selling armor, eye scanners and the like. If you are looking for some Cylon gear, start here.

Junk Yard
Sell or trade your items and post up a wanted-to-buy thread – all in the Junk Yard.

Need reference? Visit the ByYourCommad.net Gallery. It is THE PLACE for anything Classic Battlestar Galactica and beyond. New and rare vintage images are added often! Have images to share? Contact our Gallery Administrator & Cylon Empire V.I.P., Red Eye. He’ll be happy to include your images to our ever growing Gallery.

Ready to be part of the community?
Post a “Hello” thread in our Say Hi forum and introduce yourself. We have members around the world ready to help with advice, tips and tricks and learn from each other’s work.

Again, welcome aboard the Basestar!
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"All Baseships are now in range to attack the Colonies."


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