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Post by Leonidas » Mon Mar 03, 2014 5:20 pm

The Battlestar Fan Club, One Of The Oldest,And Largest Gathering Of BSG Fans Across The Globe, Is Expanding It's Fleet!
The Flagship Chapter,Battlestar Raven, Has Been Conducting Missions Online, To Provide More Than Just The usual Fan Experience; We Have Been seeking Out Fans With Imagination To join us On Our Online Adventures.
Now, The BFC Is Looking To Add A Gunstar To It's Fleet; It Will Be Part of A Raven Battle group To Lend Support to the Flagship; However, It will Be In The Thick of Any Fight That Comes It's Way; We May Even Encounter A Pirate or Two.
It May Not Have The Glory Of A Viper Squadron,But It Will Have GUNS, And Know How To Use Them!
It Will Be Led By A Capable Commander,Who Will Need A Top-Notch Crew; So, If This A The Role-Playing Adventure You Might Be Interested In, Contact Col. 'Leonidas' Ranson At kranson@nc.rr.com, Or Twitter@KManXPress.

It's Time To SEIZE YOUR GLORY! :salute:

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