Posting a question For Eric Chu

Eric Chu has joined this board to answer all your questions. But please, stay polite and ask 1 question at a time.
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Posting a question For Eric Chu

Post by GoldCylon » Mon Mar 13, 2006 10:49 am

When you wish to ask a question, please start a new topic. When you start this new topic please start the subject line with "Q+number of the question:" and finish it with [UNANSWERED], this will then make it pretty clear for Eric to know that it is a new question for him. Eric would then be able to choose which questions to answer at that time and then once he has answered a question and when a mod then next visits the board they will then edit the topic and change the subject line to say *ANSWERED* as opposed to [UNANSWERED].

I think this idea will make life a lot easier on here, and make it a lot less likely that questions will get lost and not answered.

So please stick to this rule and start posting your questions.



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