1/4015 Battlestar Prometheus

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1/4015 Battlestar Prometheus

Post by Leonidas » Sun Apr 19, 2015 8:06 pm

People of the Fleet, We need your Help!
Mr. Jack Burgin,Jr. of the Facebook Group 'Colonial Fleet Shipyards',is Looking to put out A Nova Class Battlestar (or Batlestar Prometheus) in The Same Scale at the Moebius Galactica and Pegasus (RDM) Kits.
Mr. Burgin does some BSG Garage kits on the Side of his Regular work;he is about to put out A few Assorted Battlestars,along with the TOS Eastern Alliance destroyers,and Colonial Marine Drop Ships ( His Future Projects will Include Cylon 'Guardian' Basestars).
In comparison to the Moebius kits,This one will Be Frakking HUGE! It will be Hollow-Cast resin,Especially the Flight Decks,And will be Suitable for Lighting; He will be asking $250 Per Kit(the price might go Down if he gets 30 or more Commits).
He needs At least 25 Commits to Produce the kit;So, you Know you will want one,Because,Will this Ship EVER be Available in this Scale Again?
So, Dig out those Cubits you've Been hoarding, go to Facebook.com/colonial fleet shipyards,and Reserve yours TODAY!
For those Who 'Don't Do Facebook', or if you need more info,you can E-Mail Him at jackburginjr@yahoo,com :cool:

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Re: 1/4015 Battlestar Prometheus

Post by GoldCylon » Thu May 07, 2015 12:25 am

Pictures of past work?

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