Help Needed?! "Joker-Dark Knight" Full Costume wanted!

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Help Needed?! "Joker-Dark Knight" Full Costume wanted!

Post by astatickiss » Sun Jan 04, 2015 7:42 pm

Hello all!
I'm sorry this posting is not "Galactica" related, but in addition to a few "Galactica" builds I am working on presently, I am looking to have a 1:1 life-size mannequin display of "The Joker/Heath Ledger", from "Batman The Dark Knight". I already secured a custom-made prop bust head for the costume, though finding a large-sized replica costume is proving to be very difficult?! There are many, many sellers on Ebay with them for sale, but they are all from Singapore, and/or China, and the sizes they offer run extremely small. I made the mistake of purchasing an "XL" size costume, and this barely even qualifies as a "Large" size here, in the states. If someone can refer me to someone who may have one for sale, or a US-based company that makes these in the larger sizes, I would greatly appreciate the information!.......

Thank you- much!

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Re: Help Needed?! "Joker-Dark Knight" Full Costume wanted!

Post by GoldCylon » Mon Jan 05, 2015 10:26 am

Hey Chris this is a great spot to stop off and ask about the mannequin since many people here display their Cylon, and well Cylons are massive. A standard mannequin will never really work for a Cylon, or a large Joker display. You will need to modify your mannequin via cutting arms, legs, and what else needed and strength it out as needed Same 3 inches in the legs or 2 inches in the arms. Fiberglass the cut areas back together, and then pad with foam the body, arms, legs as need to beef the guy up. Good luck.

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