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Re: My "other" obsession...

Post by captain0terror » Wed Nov 30, 2011 10:54 am

nice job on tha last batman wip, it's really starting to come along. i can remember when the first batman movie came out and how enamored i was with the costume and all the gadgets he used... just amazing at the time.

i made my own batman from scratch like 10 years ago, everything custom besides the cowl. Made the cape out of a 8-piece pattern and used the thinnest neoprene rubber i could find--think intertube--, then had it sewn together at an upolsterer, and i pl glued it to a set of lacrosse or hockey shoulder pads.

looked really great but was the most uncomfortable costume ever. =)

Anyway great work! like your colonial pilot outfit as well ;)

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