Cylon armor kit for sale

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Cylon armor kit for sale

Post by puckydog » Tue Oct 30, 2012 7:52 pm

Hi, I have a cylon centurion project I bought a couple years ago for sale. It is a full set of parts for the armor in vacuform styrene. It is missing one part however and that is I think the left inner boot top. It has duplicates of the right. You'll have to get the opposite side from another source. It has the vacuform helmet with the set and a fiberglass helmet included as well. Also there is a pair of Cooper Armadillo thumb gloves and a seven cell battery belt. No actual batteries or internals in the belt. Price is now $700.00 with Parcel Post shipping, insurance, and delivery confirmation to the lower 48. International shipping will be more expensive. Thanks, Jeff Image Image Image Image Image


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