Need 11-12 size Sidis...will trade 10 or 9

Don't want to sell your item(s) outright... but would trade it? Post them up here. Please be sure to post up both what you have AND ideas for what you would accept for the trade.

Note: Trades are between individual members ONLY. assumes no role if any issues come up with a trade of items.

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Need 11-12 size Sidis...will trade 10 or 9

Post by Spectre » Mon Jun 03, 2013 8:47 am

As posted at Blackstar Squadron:

As stated--looking to trade my size 10 (painted) Sidis or my 9 (unpainted) for 11 or 12 Sidis.Will consider other items, or cash sale...My fracking feet hurt from the first 2 G3 days...

Or, if anyone has a lead on some--please let me know.

Thanks, guys!!!

Oh, FRACK! But I didn't say frack, I said the Queen Mother of all dirty words! The F, dash, dash, dash, dash word!

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