NuBSG DRADIS and Chronometer Screen Savers

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NuBSG DRADIS and Chronometer Screen Savers

Post by 137th Gebirg » Sat Jun 20, 2015 6:41 pm

This doesn't quite fit in either "Insignia" or "Ships", so I'll put it here in the main NuBSG Wiki sub-forum.

These are some experiments that I did in Flash back in 2006. One is a DRADIS screen saver, of various versions (with and without sound). The first two are executable installers for PC and the third is a raw .SWF for use in ShockWave screensaver players for Mac.

Dradis_1.01a_SS_Setup.exe - Version 1.01a with sound
Dradis_1.01a_silent_SS_Setup.exe - Version 1.01a without sound
Baseline .swf (WITH sound) without the setup here.

This is a Chronometer screen saver (with and without sound), as with the others, executable installers and corresponding raw SWF's.

Chronometer Screen Saver Setup v1.0a (w/ Sound)
Chronometer Screen Saver Setup v1.0a (Silent)
Chronometer v1.0a Stand-Alone .SWF (w/ Sound)
Chronometer v1.0a Stand-Alone .SWF (Silent)

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