Living Legend ending?

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Living Legend ending?

Post by johnnybear » Fri Jun 23, 2017 4:41 pm

I've just finished watching Living Legend for the first time in many years and I still found the ending to be very strange.
I understand that the idea was to confuse us as to whether or not The Pegasus survived the battle with the two Basestars but we didn't really see much offensive from them apart from their initial attacks and The Pegasus didn't even seem to be between them when Starbuck and Apollo looked back! Plus whatever happened to Baltar's Basestar and his retreating stance? The next time we see him in War of The Gods there is no mention of The Pegasus or the conclusion to the battle of Gammoray and Baltar imparts no information that we know of to Adama or the council when he surrenders to them!
It also seemed a bit rushed as to the ending with comments made in the medical section to Sheba from Adama, Apollo and Starbuck venting their theory as to what happened to The Pegasus, I think maybe the conclusion to Mission Galactica:The Cylon Attack was better in some ways despite the very poor splicing of scenes from Fire in Space and with Apollo and Starbuck saying they believe The Pegasus took off across the system as it did the last time and then Adama stated that Cain is wherever he wants to be and then it ends abruptly too! Does anyone know if the script sort of just ended early or what? :cylongold:

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