Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

  1. Goal of the Cylon Empire

    1. The goal of the Cylon Empire is to bring order and perfection to the Universe. #
  2. ByYourCommand Forum Rules

    1. Posts are to be made in the correct forum. Read forum descriptions before posting and ensure you post in the correct forum. #
    2. Multiple postings are not allowed. Post the same exact topic in multiple forums; all but one will be deleted. #
    3. Posts must be respectful. Flaming or abusing members in any way will not be tolerated. #
    4. This board is for general audiences. Pornographic, generally offensive language, phrases, images or links will not be tolerated. #
    5. Nothing political is allowed. Not even in our “off topic” forum. This is a Cylon Costuming forum… real world politics are “way off topic.” Posts of any political nature will be immediately deleted without notice. #
    6. Members must respect copyrights. Give credit where do and do not post or link to pirated files. #
    7. BYC Staff can edit, delete or moderate any post at any time. #
  3. Private Messages

    1. The forum rules (as applicable) apply to the private messaging system. Any Member who abuses the private messaging system will lose their private messaging privileges. #
  4. Signatures

    1. Signatures must comply with the same rules as posts with regard to content. #
    2. Signatures may not include hidden text or links. #
    3. Links in signatures are permitted. However they cannot link to warez, pornographic, racist or other similar extremist sites. #
    4. Abuse of signatures will not be tolerated. They will be edited, deleted or privileges removed as needed. #
  5. Avatars

    1. Avatars can be no larger than 175x250 pixels. #
    2. Avatars must comply with the same rules as posts with regard to content. #
    3. Avatars cannot exceed 65.5 KB (65,536 bytes). #
    4. Avatars cannot include graphics which attempt to portray a BYC Staff rank or the avatars of BYC Staff. #
    5. Members are permitted to use a stock avatar from the BYC gallery or link externally to one of their own. #
    6. Members abusing avatar rules will have their avatar privileges removed. #
  6. Cylon Justice

    1. Cylon justice is swift, and always in-line with the goal of the Cylon Empire – and the above rules. #
    2. BYC is a private website. There is no debating BYC Staff. #
    3. BYC Staff will warn, temporarily or permanently ban Members who choose not to follow the site rules. #
    4. Any attempt to get around a temporary ban or other BYC Staff action will lead to a permanent ban of your account(s). This includes re-registering or using an already registered account under a non-banned username. Other examples include changing IP addresses, using a new email account or other action that can be taken to evade BYC Staff action to hide your identity as the owner of the sanctioned account. #
    5. Members who contact BYC Staff personally (via any method) with insulting, indecent or vulgar material will be immediately and permanently banned. #
    6. Permanent bans are a last resort. Much thought is given before implementing them. It is possible BYC Staff may consider lifting permanent bans - this is a rare occurrence. #