Battlestar Galactica Fan Films
CGI based fan films. Classic BSG coolness with new technology.
Bionic Moon Labs
Bionic Moon Labs YouTube Channel
Yesterday's Future Today. A great variety of hand crafted prop replicas from the worlds of classic science fiction.
Colonial Cylon Alliance
A group of Battlestar Galactica fans that enjoy the series and movies. Through the CCA you will able to find other people who have the same interests. If you are a movie buff, A costume designer, skinjob Cylon, Colonial Warrior or just looking for fun people to hang out with at parties and conventions. You have found the right group.
The Cylon Empire Cylon Empire
OUR OWN SITE! After you've read all the posts here at's forum - head on over to our site for more info, articles, and event happenings.
A self titled BSG fan site from our own administrator, Cylon-Knight. Great info and fun images that fit in with his motto:
"Old School. New School. Tin Cans Rule."
Hyperdyne Labs
High tech electronics for costumers and model makers. Professional quality items that will enhance your builds. If you are looking for the extra "pow" to push your build into a jaw-dropper, check out Hyperdyne.
Battlestar Galactica Memorabilia
This site has a huge amount of info on this site for classic BSG merchandise and memorabilia. WOW! Check it out.
Movie Prop
A wonderful resource on various props and screen used items from all sorts of shows and film.
Shado-X Shado-X Decals
Your Vintage Vipers and Raiders showing their age? Get ship shape again with replacement decals to bring new life to your collectible toys. Mattel, AMT, Dinkey, Product Enterprise replacements or custom decals.
Studio Scale Modelers
Interested in your own "SS" (Studio Scale) model build? THIS IS THE PLACE. Jaw-dropping references, expert advise from staff and members - plus MORE! If you are looking for inspiration and information on a SS model build. Pull up a chair, you'll be on this forum for hours and hours - and still not see everything.
Battlestar Galactica Collenction
Great assortment of classic BSG screen used costumes and props.
Tips and tricks to help you learn about making films. Learn the terms and read awesome articles on a vast range of topics on how the entertainment industry works.
toypolloi YouTube Channel
GREAT videos on vintage toys, reviews and repairs. Tips and tricks to help you bring new life to toys from your childhood.
We all know that Cylons rule, and Stormtroppers drool... (JUST KIDDING!) This is an amazing forum with excellent information on how to vac-form and other costume building topics. Not totally focused on Star Wars/Stormtroopers, just created by one.
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